The sleep study and snoring



The sleep study


A serious diagnosis of snoring and sleep apnea can only take place during a “sleep study” in a hospital or specialized clinic. How would you know if you have sleep apnea and in what stage? Severe and continuous daytime sleepiness is the most obvious symptom. It is often the partner who realizes that someone has more than just a severe snoring/apnea problem. If you know that you snore and you often feel exhausted during work or in your car towards it. If you fall asleep reading your newspaper or in front of the TV or if you tend to behind the wheel of your car go straight to a Doctor or ENT Specialist. They will recommend you to visit or sleep clinic or hospital to undergo a sleep study. A sleep study normally involves an overnight stay in a hospital and a variety of painless tests so that the medical staff can tell how your breathing is obstructed and your sleep disturbed by snoring or apnea. You will have to wear special belts around your chest and stomach in order to monitor your breathing. A clip will be attached to your finger to measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. Also a video recorder may record your body movements. An electrocardiogram (ECG) will measure your heart rhythm.


All this during the sleep study to diagnosis sleep apnea and snoring. Factors like a narrow nose entrance a larger than normal tongue, a shorter than normal lower jaw, the shape of the jaw, etc etc. can contribute to snoring and apnea problems.



Effective anti snoring products or treatments


An effective treatment against apnea is the CPAP machine but few people can stand its usage during a longer period (only 50%). It is expensive.


Therefore we recommend “No Snoring More Air” because, much like the CPAP machine, it also allows more air into the breathing system by keeping the entrance of the nose wide open. This simple effective device can bring a solution on short notice and at a fraction of the cost of the CPAP treatment. It is safe, invisible, imperceptible and causes no side effects.


“No Snoring More Air” ® is effective in keeping the nasal airway open which stops snoring in almost all cases. The anti snoring device enables you to breathe better during the night, which leads to sleeping better and feeling better the next day.


“No Snoring More Air”® Tube is soft, practically invisible and imperceptible. It is suitable for the sensitive skin and stays comfortably in place while sleeping. The snore stopper is safe and can be used every night, during 3-4 months. This anti snoring device, designed with 2 tubes, provides at least 50% more air than competitive similar anti snore anti apnea products.


The material used is specially produced by a leading manufacturer in the USA (Saint Gobin). This anti snore product of medical silicones, is soft to the skin and in conformity with strict European (EC) and American (FDA) laws. The flexible material easily adapts to the shape of an individual’s nose. The anti snoring device is non-irritating to the skin and the mucous membrane.


The no snoring product comes in a small box and in 4 different sizes, to ensure that every individual will find the size that suits his nose. Use the one that seems too big, it is better than too small. “No Snoring More Air” can be cleaned with soap and water.

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