The nose and snoring



The Nose and snoring


The nose is an essential system for healthy breathing. It is equiped with a hairy layer that filters the air befor it enters the lungs. It posesses also an anti bacterial prevention system the nasal moist. Its cartilage structure however is vulnerable to blows and it can be seriously dammaged.


The nose communicates directly with the sinusses through the nasal cavities. They, like the caveties, have a double function. They warm the air to body temperature and they moisten the air sothat it does not dehydrate the tissue of the lungs. That is the reason for our advise not to breathe through the mouth but instead through the nose when asleep. Breathing through the nose and sleeping on the side helps against snoring. The mouth is essential for speech and for eating.


The sinusses are the hollow spaces at the side of the nose. They are contineously ventilated. Their secretion is evaquated by the nose-conducts. In case of infection the sinusses will fill with mucous, which the system attempts to expulse. The drainage is constant. They can however become the the source of a viral infection and distibutor of microbes. They are in addition a passage to the back of the throat.


To sleep well and to avoid and stop snoring, the best position of the body is to turn on its side and to breathe through the nose. But, when one gets older, the muscles in the nose weakon and they can no longer keep the entrance of the nose sufficiently open during sleep. Consequently the airstream is blocked or seriously reduced. An under pressure develops in the whole breathing system. This narrows the airpassage and one starts to lack air. Consequently one turns on its back to get more air by breathing through the mouth. But in that position, on ones back. the uvula and tongue fall back in the throat and block the air almost completely. The little air that can still pass accelerates and makes the tissue at the back of the throath vibrate. This makes a sound. We call it “snoring”.


Stop Snoring and sleep apnea.

It has to be emphasized that this complete complicated process starts with a closed and narrow nose entrance, resulting in a negative airpressure in the airways. To stop this process we need something that keeps the nose entrance open and allow more air to get through.

And that is exactly what the snore treatment “No Snoring More Air” does, and in a most effective way. It is the most simple and ingenious product to stop snoring and sleep apnea. No wonder that this anti snore device is supported by most ENT specialists from sleep centers and sleep clinics.


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