Snoring and health

Snoring and Health


Snoring is a symptom. Snoring can be caused by a cold or by a serious respiratory problem. Research indicates that snorers have I higher risk of getting high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. An American study suggests that those who have disturbed sleep patterns and snore are twice as likely to experience strokes as those who sleep through the night without sleeping problems. A Danish study indicates:

A 15% higher blood pressure among snorers than among non snorers.

11% of the snorers had angina, only 5% of non snorers

15% of snorers had arterial disease in the legs, and only 6% of non snorers

This appears to be independent of weight, smoking or drinking of the snorer in question.

About 10% of snorers are going to develop obstructive sleep apnea, which can be fatal (see sleep apnea).

In addition there is fatigue caused by snoring, which include anxiety, irritability, poor memory and poor concentration. The last having serious effect during work or during driving.

Also the emotional health of the snorer is being affected. Bad temper can lead to troubled relationships and even to isolation from partners or family members.


All this is bad news but there are treatments against snoring and apnea, some of which are effective.


It is also important to find out why you snore and when you snore. A tape recording of the snoring will help to convince the snorer that he snores

(most men show some form of denial) and can help to discuss the problem better with an ENT specialist.


A new anti snoring device “No Snoring More Air”


However, because the majority of all snoring and apnea is caused by too narrow a nose entrance and a lack of air and oxygen during sleep, we suggest you give the new anti snoring product “No Snoring More Air” a chance.


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