Snoring and apnea are dangerous

Severe snoring and sleep apnea are dangerous.


Severe snoring and sleep apnea are dangerous for one’s health because they have on the long run cardiovascular effets.


During sleep when you snore or have sleep apnea’s you start to lack oxygen. Consequently your heart rate slows down in order to conserve the oxygen that is still in your system. But this reaches a point where you fortunately will wake up in order not to suffocate and you will start breathing again which will spead up your heart rate.

So, your heart rate contineously goes up and down, up and down, up and down.

This is a tremendous effort for the heart. And it easily leads to heartattacks, strokes and cardio vascular diseases.


The sequence is often as follows: From an occasional snorer you become a severe snorer and from a severe snorer you become a patient who snores every night and lacks air during sleep contineously.

To have more air you turn on your back to get more air through your mouth. But on your back, your tongue falls back into your throat and together with your uvula they block the airway completely at intervals, called sleep apnea's. But before that, the soft texture of your throat start vibrating, which is being called " SNORING"Snoring is often the start of sleep apnea.


The patients who have apnea’s during sleep experience an interrompted unhealthy sleep. The next day, they are sleepy and irritable.

The whole process is dangerous for one’s health. Stop this process and order a very effective, simple product against snoring called "NoSnoringMoreAir"

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