Help yourself against snoring



Help yourself first and find out why you snore.


The first thing you have to do after reading all these pages is to recognize that there may be a serious problem that of snoring or even apnea. If you cannot hear your snoring yourself, others can. Better is to tape record your snoring. Then take a serious look at your lifestyle. If you are overweight, start a new healthy eating and fitness regime. If you take too much alcohol, cut it down or take at least 4 hours between your last drink and the moment you go to bed. If you constantly have a stuffed up nose, investigate the possibility of an allergy, caused by something simple like house animals or house dust. Find out if you constantly sleep on your back while snoring and have a dry mouth in the morning. Write all your findings down. This is helpful when taking further steps and speak to specialists about your snoring and apnea. Again tape record your snoring.


Finding out can be simple or difficult as there are many possibilities. But make it easy on yourself. As the majority of all snoring is caused by a blocked nose entrance, as we have seen in the first chapter “What causes snoring”. Consequently, the first thing to do is to order the best nose entrance spreader/ dilator on the market ”No Snoring More Air”. Forget all the other so called remedies like sprays, pills, alarm devices, etc.


When “No Snoring More Air” does not stop your snoring or reduce your apnea you at least know that the problem is more complicated and it is time to visit a specialist. Perhaps a dental specialist first to see if there is anything unusual about the shape of your jaw which might be causing the snoring problems. He can advise you if a mandibular advancement device is likely to help you. Remember that the three systems that work are 1. The nose entrance spreader (dilator) “No Snoring More Air” and only that one, 2. A mandibular advancement device, which works for tongue-based snorers by holding the lower jaw and tongue forward, preventing the tongue falling backwards when sleeping on the back (a wrong sleeping position) and breathing through the mouth. 3. The PPC machine, described elsewhere.


When you are at this stage still in the dark about the reasons for your snoring, it is time to visit an ENT specialist or sleep studies unit. Being diagnosed by the last, the doctors will recommend the most appropriate treatment against snoring or apnea, even chirurgical intervention when absolutely unavoidable, because it is not without risk.


The best anti snore product to start with is "No Snoring More Air"


But all in all, please remember that in 80% of all cases of snoring a blockage of the nose entrance is the cause of all snoring. Probably the best anti snoring anti apnea device to keep the nose entrance open is the product , ”No Snoring More Air” developed by a group of ENT specialists in Germany. It also helps against apnea as it has a similar effect as the CPAP treatment, allowing more air into the system. It has been tested in their practice for years and was introduced in Germany in 2000. In the years that followed introduction took place in other countries in Europe and in The USA.


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