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No more snoring- Stops snoring by giving more air- No snoring more air

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"More air, stops snoring"

You can place your order for this new stop snoring solution underneath, but please read the text first and study the pictures.

Price per pack with 4 tubes in different sizes US$ 17,75 including postage costs to places all over the world. Can be used during 1 year.

Payment per Credit Card thru Paypal. Money back guarantee when not satisfied.

What causes snoring and sleep apnea in most cases.

"As people age the muscles in their nose-wings weaken and are no longer able to keep the entrance of the nose 
sufficiently open during sleep. The nostrils tend to close and obstruct the airstream when they sleep on their side.
 The lungs however continue to inhale and a "negative air pressure" occurs in the airways of 
the nose and throat. Consequently all tissue is being drawn together and the air passage 
gets narrower.


At this moment most people start to lack air during their sleep.


In order 
to get at least some air, people turn on their back and start to breathe through their mouth. 
However, in that position, on their back, the tongue and uvula descend to the back of the throat and close 
the airway even further. The air accelerates and makes the soft tissue 
in the back of the throat vibrate, causing a sound called "snoring".


The airway, nose, throat, etc


Sleeping on your back, your throat is blocked

How to solve the problem of snoring and sleep apnea

The above made modern (ENT) specialists aware of the fact that more than 80% of all snoring results from a reduced airflow through the nose. Therefore the best way to solve the problem of snoring is to keep the nasal entrance open with a modern anti snoring device, the new stop snoring solution "No Snoring More Air"


The product comes in a small box and in 4 different sizes, to ensure that every individual will find the size that suits his nose. Using one that seems big is better than one that is too small. No Snoring More Air can be cleaned with soap and water and can be shortened with a pair of scissors.


"No Snoring More Air" stop snoring solution has been developed in Germany in 1990 by a research team including Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists from sleep centers and sleep clinics. It was the first of its kind and has been copied afterwards by many producers because it was effectiveness and price

( $17,75 per pack of 4.)



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"No Snoring More Air" Price: US$ 17,75 per pack (containing 4 sizes)

Inclusive of shipping costs to places all over the world.  

Pay thru Paypal with Credit Card

Dispatch from the USA or from The Netherlands within 2 working days. Each pack contains 4 different sizes to always fit your nose, good for 12 months of use.

Plus a transparent box to keep them in next to your bedside. Click "Buy now" and wait a few seconds.







What do experts say about this anti snore product

Testimonials from users:

Just a selection:




3-20-2018 New York

"I use this product complementary to an oral appliance and, together they have completely solved my severe snoring but even more importantly my sleep apnea problems. I sleep profoundly without interruptions for the first time in years. No more wake ups feeling restful or tired. Rather, I always wake up completely rested whenever using this combination. In the past I used the CPAP system but could not sleep with it on the long run. No more CPAP for me!

Now it’s ”No Snoring More Air” together with an oral appliance and sometimes the product “No Snoring More Air” is sufficiently effective on its own".

Dave, Fine


4-7-2018 Detroit, USA

"After having tried many anti snore products, I was positively surprised about the effectiveness of this product. It appears to be the first of its kind, developped in Germany in 2009 and I have seen many copies of the original  in the years that followed. I decided to buy" the original" and it worked to my total satisfaction and to that of my family.



4-13-2018 Los Angeles, USA

"More air" is the key to less snoring. Excellent, effective product.

Loran Stein


5-15-2018 London, UK

Simple appears to be better. NoSnoringMoreAir was the first to work to my satisfaction after having tried many other- and in many cases more expensive products.


5-20-2018 Boston, USA

Excellent product, good quality, good price.

Simon Black

6-2-2018 Fort Mc Murray, USA

Already the first night a good result confirmed by my wife. No snoring. The next day I felt better, more alert. Must be the extra oxygen I got during the night.

Very happy with this product.



6-15-2018 Dickinson, USA

After months of sleepless nights I bought NoSnoringMoreAir for my husband and only after quite some convincing he tried it last night. With good results I must say. His snoring practically stopped at least at a sound level that was bearable to me, giving me the first healthy sleep since months. Many thanks.



7-5-2018 Jefferson City, USA

Too good to be true. A simple but intelligent anti snoring solution at low cost. NoSnoringMoreAir is the best anti snoring device I have met sofar.



7-15-2018 Orleans, France

In my hectic job my sleep is essental for recovery. NoSnoringMoreAir was very helpful with a deep sleep without snoring and interruptions and my wife is happy too, and a happy wife....

De Jardin


7-02-2018, LA. USA

“Finally an anti snore product that keeps its promises. My partner is using the snore stopper now for three months and it really helped him with his snoring and I can finally sleep” .

Kate Miller


8, Washington D.C.

“An acceptable price for an stop snoring treatment product that works”

. Ann Smith


9-04-2018, Montreal, Canada

“Your anti snore product is simply great. I fall asleep without delay and my wife says she is no longer hearing my snoring!”


10-15-2018 Washington, DC, USA

“Great stop snoring aid, stays in place during my sleep

. James Waller


11-10-2018 Washington D.C.

”I do not snore but suffer from allergies and my nose gets blocked. The product gives me more air during these difficult periods. I started also using "No Snoring More Air" during my daily workouts and during sports in the week-end. To get more air and more energy”

. Sandy Sturm


12-1-2018, Seattle, USA

"It Works!!!! A simple and effective anti snore device, and thanks to the 4 sizes per pack, it fits too nor falls out of my nose during sleep! Thanks"

. Simon Sloane


3-2-2019 L.A. ,U.S.

"I consider it the miracle of the year. After many years of trying to combat my sleep apnea by following experts advice and treatments (CPAP), also in sleeping clinics, I found your product and it has considerably reduced my apnea and snoring. I now realize that I could have saved quite some money.

Ingenuous anti snore product. The simpler, the better it seems. Thanks".

Richard Simpson

Contact: E-Mail Address: info@NoSnoringMoreAir.com

Offices: Los Angeles, London, Paris




"No Snoring More Air stops Snoring"

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